College NSS


The motto, i.e., the watchword of the NSS is “Not Me But You”. This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other man’s point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings. It underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole. Dum Dum Motijheel College College has been in the forefront of NSS activities. The NSS unit has strength of 100 volunteers. The impetus is to give the students best educational experience in order to make them responsible and productive citizens of the country. The NSS Unit has undertaken many socially and environmentally viable programmes which are very much helpful to the mankind;since the inception of the Unit i.e.2003. The Principal, Dr. Pradeepta Gupta Roy is the present Chairman of NSS Unit with Dr. Kausik Ray being the NSS Programme Officer.

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