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Details Of CHEMISTRY Department

Chemistry (CEMA) is a lab based honours subject available in Day shift under the BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Course in our college.

The Department of Chemistry of Dum Dum Motijheel College was started by the efforts of a group of remarkable teachers who devoted themselves for the cause of the students and is thus based on a glorious past. We, the present teaching and the non-teaching members of the department, try to maintain that motivation of our past teachers.
The total capacity of Honours students in the department is now (2018-19 session) 58 in Day section and 14 in Women section considering all the categories together. We have also Chemistry as a major subject for B.Sc. (pure) and B.Sc.(Bio) course.
We have three laboratories one for Physical chemistry experiments and others for Inorganic and Organic experiments the latter ones being large enough to accommodate large no. of students both for Honours and General courses.
Our motto is not only to assist our students both inside and outside our class-rooms for explaining the subject but also to assist them to grow their personality through counseling them in various ways, through encouraging them to be involved in wall magazine. We have no hesitation to allow our students in our sitting room for using departmental computer.


Dr. Ratna Mukherjee ( HOD )

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dolan Sengupta

Associate Professor

Dr. Sumana Sarkar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jhumpa Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rajiv Karmakar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ritu Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mahuya Patra (Roy)

Assistant Professor

Smt. Suranjana Roy

Guest Lecturer

Stream Core Subject Group A Group B Group C Group D Amount
CHEMISTRY 35 13 4 3 2 1 58

We have well equipped Laboratory for both Honours and General courses with all sorts of instrument such as Conductivity-meter, Potentiometer, pH-meter, Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer and also conductivity-water plant, UV-visible spectrophotometer, two computers with printer and scanner and other instruments essential for conducting practical classes.\\\\r\\\\nIn addition, we have a good Seminar Library

Organization of Departmental seminars incorporating presentation by the students and teachers, publishing wall magazine, conducting study tour for the students. Beyond this, students are also encouraged to participate in Workshops and Poster presentations organized in home and adjacent institute. We also arrange PPT presentation for easy and interesting way of understanding of class lectures


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