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Zoology (ZOOA) is a lab based honours subject available in Day shift under the BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Course in our college.

The Department of Zoology of Dum Dum Motijheel College (popular as Motijheel Science College) has started its journey from 1983-1984 session, initially at undergraduate General Degree (B.Sc Bio General) level. The Department has improvised to Zoology Honors teaching course to meet the extreme demands of the students and the growing popularity for taking admission in Zoology in both the shifts: Morning (Women Section) and Day Section (co- educational) offering 3 year B. Sc. (Honours and General) course. The glory of being one of the best departments ever since has been maintained through the utmost effort, dedication, enthusiasm and student friendly attitude of the present Teaching faculties and non-teaching colleagues who work as a team to build not only good students but also good human beings.

Smt. Saradamoni Hansda

Assistant Professor

Sri Prantik Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Smt. Subhra De

PTT (Govt. Approved)

Smt. Srijita Dey

Guest Lecturer

Dr. Neelakshi Sarkar

Guest Lecturer

Dr. Sharmistha Sinha

Guest Lecturer

Smt. Sangeeta Mitra

Guest Lecturer

Stream Core Subject Group A Group B Group C Group D Amount
ZOOLOGY 22 10 2 3 2 1 40

Biology is a Living Subject. Zoology is that branch of biology which involves all the arena of life and living forms ranging from small microbes to insects to higher forms of animals to human beings. To enrich the students with the essence of the subject and proper understanding of its actual meaning some special facilities are rendered along with modern amenities
1. Departmental Library and e-Library (containing PDF of foreign books) is open for the students. Internet Facilities are provided to them for their better understanding and learning.
2. Digital Classroom Power point presentations by means of LCD Projector are used regularly during classes to deliver the knowledge and information.
3. Zoological Museum The museum has a rich collection of preserved indigenous as well as exotic animal species collected since the inception of the department. These are used for academic studies by the students.
4. Department is enriched with two large laboratories, one separate computer-cum- instrument laboratory and one laboratory having arrangements for molecular biology, biochemistry, histology and ecology practical and undertake IN HOUSE RESEARCH PROJECT themselves.

i. Scope for students for research publications
The faculties motivate the students with positive attitudes by involving them in small IN HOUSE RESEARCH PROJECT to make the subject livelier Learning by Doing which definitely encourages them for aspiring higher academic pursuit. This resulted in greater success in the performance of the students of Honours and General candidates in University Examinations and in their higher studies as well as increased their placement opportunities. Some of the latest research publications in International Journal of repute
1.P Chakraborty, A Sengupta, A Mojumder, A Biswas, S Mazumder, M Biswas, M Halder, S Chakraborty, S Dey, A Samadder, P Ghosh, Comparative assessment of foraging strategies in ants A preliminary experimental study, International Journal of Experimental Research and Review, (2018), 15, 1.
2.B Nath, A Goswami, S Mondal, D Biswas, S Biswas, B Roy, S Dey, P Ghosh, A Samadder, Effect of aroma on foraging behaviour of Drosophila sp. An experimental approach, , International Journal of Experimental Research and Review, (2018), 13, 34.
3.S Mondal, A Sardar, S Roychowdhury, S Das, S Das, P S, S Satra, P Sanyal, MK Mahato, S Ghosh, A Bar, R Das, S Dey, P Ghosh, S De, M Chakraborty, N Sarkar, A Samadder, Modulatory role of phyto-products in foraging behaviour of Drosophila sp leading to altered reproductive strategies a novel experimental approach, International Journal of Experimental Research and Review, (2017), 14, 29.
4.A Chakrovorty, B Bhattacharjee, A Das, T Chakraborty, S Sarkar, S Dey, B Roy, S De, PR Ghosh, J Das, A Samadder, DNA regulates foraging physiology and behavior in black ant (Paratrechina longicornis) and red ant (Solenopsis geminate) A novel molecular approach, International Journal of Experimental Research and Review, (2017), 10, 1.
5.A Siddika, B Bhattacharjee, P Chakraborty, CK Sarkar, Md A Khan, S Mondal, D Bose, R Indu, S Dey, A Samadder, P Ghosh, Diurnal variation in the activities of three common Odonate species at their natural habitat, International Journal of Experimental Research and Review, (2017), 14, 34.
6.S Das, S Dey, A Samadder, Dum Dum airport a necessity and luxury for human lifestyle but a menace for avian diversity, International Journal of Experimental Research and Review. (2016), 8, 29.

ii. Educational Excursions are arranged regularly by the Department to visit places of zoological interest (both academic and applied) so that the students can co-relate the theory with that of the practical.
iii. Conference organized
Department of Zoology has played a pivotal role in jointly organizing, Departmental Seminars, National and International Conferences in collaboration with different Departments of the College and with other pioneer institutes of repute like Gurudas College, IICB-Kolkata, etc for active participation of the students, research scholars and faculties.


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